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Building Regulations

The information on this page gives advice about making an application under Building Regulations. It is provided as general information, so if you have any specific queries please telephone 01623 463077, or e-mail pbc@mansfield.gov.uk, please also visit Building Control Frequently Asked Questions. Application packs and explanatory notes relating to the information on this page can be found by linking to our Building Control Application Packs page. The Building Control Service also publish a range of individual guidance notes, which provide technical information about the proper methods of fitting, construction and installation methods in buildings - from smoke alarms to garage conversions. For details use the link to our Building Control Guidance Notes. For further information telephone 01623 463077, Fax: 01623 463065, or e-mail: pbc@mansfield.gov.uk.

Extensive advice on Building Regulations can be found on the Planning Portal web site. This section gives information on the Building Regulations and general advice on how they apply to various types of common building work. If you prefer viewing Building Regulation technical information organised around the Building Regulations 2010 Approved Documents, Parts A to P, you can do so by accessing the Approved Documents in the Professional Users area of the Portal.

If you are considering building work, it is your responsibility to check if the Building Regulations apply. The 2010 Building Regulations are made under the Building Act 1984 and anyone failing to keep to these regulations is breaking the law.

If you are unsure whether the work you propose is controlled under the Building Regulations, contact the Local Authority's Building Control section on 01623 463077. Remember, advice is free and could prevent problems associated with carrying out illegal works. Building work includes:

Some people also get confused with Planning Approval and Building Regulations Approval. These are two separate issues and certain work will require consent under the Planning Acts, Building Regulations, both or sometimes neither. You can get advice about these issues by visiting the Planning Portal's Building Regulations page, or by telephoning our Planning and Building Control Support Team on 01623 463207, 463077, or e-mail pbc@mansfield.gov.uk.

Types of Building Regulations Applications

There are three methods of making an application under the Building Regulations. These are a Full Plans Application, a Building Notice Submission, or a request for a Regularisation Certificate. These are explained in more detail in the following sections.

Full Plans Application

This is the most popular type of application. Detailed scaled drawings and - where necessary - calculations are submitted, along with the proper application fee.

The details are then checked so they keep to the Building Regulations and you are given the opportunity to make any necessary amendments to the plans.

When the plans show that they keep to the regulations an approval is issued. Depending on prior agreement, a conditional approval for certain items may also be issued.

Building Notice Submissions

Building Notice submissions are generally used for small domestic work such as bathroom installations, minor structural alterations and small extensions.

No formal approval is given under this procedure but Building Control may ask for drawings or information (such as structural calculations) to show that the work complies with the Regulations.

This method is not suitable if the building is, or will be put to a use listed under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. In these cases a full plans application will be required.

Regularisation Certificates

Where unauthorised building work has been carried out (i.e. no application made under the Building Regulations) and work was started on or after the 11th November, 1985 an application can be made for a Regularisation Certificate by completing the application form and submitting it with the relevant fee and drawings.

Building Control will then carry out a site inspection(s) and determine if the works require opening up and whether samples and tests are required to make sure that the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations have been complied with.

After the inspection(s), sampling and tests, Building Control will tell you what work is necessary to keep to the relevant requirements of the Regulations.

When any remedial work necessary has been finished and Building Control are satisfied that the work complies with the Building Regulations (those which were in force at the time the original work was done) a regularisation certificate will be issued.

Inspections and Completion of Work

Building work carried out under both the full plans and building notice procedures require inspections by Building Control Surveyors.

Work may start once the relevant submissions have been made and 48 hours notice of the start of work has been given. The work will then be inspected as required (dependant on the complexity of the project) and when we receive normal notification for inspection (as required by Regulation 14 of the Building Regulations 2010) from the person carrying out the work.

When the work is completed a 'completion certificate' will be issued. This certificate is evidence that the work complied with the Building Regulations in force at the time and the work was carried out. A completion certificate is required by some financial institutions before they will release loans/mortgages for building work.

Completion Certificates and Approvals are also normally required by solicitors when properties are sold.


The Government require the Council's Building Regulation Service to be self financing. Our charges are governed by The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 and are also set under Local Government Association guidance.

You can download our Building Regulation Charges, Information and Guidance using the link under the related media heading, or if you would like a paper copy sending to you telephone 01623 463077, or e-mail pbc@mansfield.gov.uk.

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