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Cheryl Cole fan evicted after breaking promise he made!

Residents in the Ladybrook area of Mansfield can face a quieter future after a Mansfield man was evicted after a string of anti-social behaviour by playing loud music repeatedly in the early hours of the morning.

District Judge Wall sitting at Mansfield County Court described this case as one of the worst cases of nuisance he had seen in a while.

Bramwell was evicted from 287 Ladybrook Lane

Martin Bramwell (22) was evicted from his first floor council flat at 287 Ladybrook Lane during a hearing on Wednesday (24 February).

Despite having an injunction imposed on him in October 2009, Bramwell continued to play loud music until 4am in the morning, including repeatedly playing Cheryl Cole, singing along raucously, banging doors and shouting.

One neighbour, who had suffered this for more than a year, went to such lengths as staying at friends' houses during the day and escaping there during all hours of the night when the noise became unbearable.

Mansfield District Council had installed noise monitoring machines and played these recordings to the Court.

Evidence was also heard from witnesses as well as the District Council's Anti Social Behaviour Officer.

Bramwell has until 4pm on 3 March to leave the property.

Councillor Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council, commented: "Justice has been done. No-one should have to face this type of anti-social behaviour.

Martin Bramwell was made aware that his actions could have serious consequences but he chose to continue to behave in a way that was anti-social and, therefore, was evicted."

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