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A time for giving... to prevent car crime

With the festive season upon us, Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) are offering free give-aways and advice to help prevent vehicle crime in the in the run up to Christmas.

Shoppers are being warned not to leave valuables on display in their cars; even leaving a coat on the back seat is enough to attract unwanted attention, a thief may think there is money in the pocket.

Town Centre Enviro-Crime Warden, Jeff, and PCSO Lydia Sawyer from Notts Police handing out the free air fresheners and sat-nav wipes to deter car thieves.

MPAC are giving away air-fresheners with the message 'Stop – all valuables have been removed' to act as a warning to potential thieves.

It's difficult to remember what we did in the days before sat-navs. although they are great for getting us from A-Z, they are an easy target for thieves and the problem doesn't end when the sat-nav is removed from the vehicle with tell-tale marks left on the windscreen.

The Partnership are also giving away sat-nav tags with cleaning pads to hang in the car with the message 'don't leave it in the car'.

These free give-aways will be available across the district from the following sources:

Visitors to Mansfield are also being advised to take advantage of the free parking in Mansfield District Council car parks, on offer until 11 January rather than parking on unmarked and unmonitored street corners.

MPAC logo

Ten of the District Council's car parks have been awarded 'Park Mark' status by the British Parking Association. These are:

The criteria for 'Park Mark' status includes ensuring that each car park has lighting of a good standard and surveillance is in place to reduce the opportunity for offenders to commit crime, that there are systems in place to monitor and record crime and that regular staff patrols are carried out.

Reported incidents of vehicle crime in Mansfield town centre are very low. Between April and July this year there were only 23 reported incidents of theft from a vehicle in the town centre.

Mansfield District Council Managing Director and Chairman of MPAC, Ruth Marlow, welcomes the moves to help prevent car crime across the district: "I welcome these moves to help prevent theft from vehicles across the district."

"Luckily, Mansfield can boast low reported figures of theft from vehicles but there is still every need for everyone to be vigilant."

"I hope that these free give-aways will remind drivers not to leave valuable items on display in their cars and will help to deter potential thieves."

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