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Remember our heroes

The Chairman of Mansfield District Council joined veterans to launch the annual Poppy Appeal in Mansfield today.

Last year over £30million was raised nationwide and organisers from the Royal British Legion are hoping to top that total once again.

Mercian Regiment4

At today's local launch the Chairman of Mansfield District Council, Coun Alan Fell was presented with the first poppy by appeal organiser, Joe Martin.

Today, British men and women continue to serve their country, in Iraq, the Falklands, the Gulf, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.

The Royal British Legion is there to help them when they need it most.

The Legion helps people of all ages and backgrounds. To be eligible for our help, you must have served in the Forces for at least 7 days, or be the dependant of someone who has served. It really is that simple.

Heroes is one of those words that is bandied about too readily these days, devaluing and diminishing the actions of real heroes.

The brave young men and women in our Armed Forces, especially those who are serving on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, wake up every morning knowing that it could be their last. These are people who are our true heroes.

The launch of the Poppy Appeal in Mansfield 2008

The death of 23 year-old Mansfield soldier Damian Wright - killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan on 5 September 2007 - is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices that our armed forces have made and continue to make to protect our own freedoms.

Please support the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal by buying a poppy and/or donating on-line using the link to the Poppy Appeal website (above right).

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