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No tricks here please!

Mansfield's Neighbourhood Wardens have produced posters to ensure a safe Halloween for all.

Residents will be offered posters asking youngsters trick-or-treating not to knock at the door. These will be on available in libraries, from each of the Neighbourhood Wardens and from all local Council offices in the district.

The posters will be available from all Neighbourhood Wardens and from libraries and local council offices

The Wardens will also be delivering posters to shops asking shopkeepers not to sell eggs and flour to under 16s unless there is an adult present.

Councillor Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council, commented: "Mansfield District Council is all for youngsters having fun at Halloween."

"We are, though, aware that some of our residents, particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable, can find trick-or-treating intimidating."

This is why we are taking steps to ensure the safety of local residents, whether in their own homes on in the street and I would ask all trick-or-treaters to respect this."

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