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Mansfield scores highly in Council Tax collection

Figures released by the GMB Union show that Mansfield is amongst the best of Nottinghamshire councils in the collection of Council Tax and it also ranks highly in the national collection table.

The GMB were seeking to highlight how much Council Tax is outstanding and how important efficient collection is towards providing high quality public services.

Mansfield District Council has been rated highly for Council Tax collection in figures released by the GMB Union

The figures below show the amount outstanding at 31st March 2008 for the 2007/08 financial year and ranks Mansfield third best in the county.

Local Authority             Amount Outstanding (£)

Rushcliffe                     592,000

Broxtowe                      848,000

Mansfield                   862,000

Gedling                        931,000

Bassetlaw                     983,000

Newark & Sherwood     990,000

Ashfield                        1,188,000

Nottingham City            5,464,000

Deputy Mayor, Roger Sutcliffe commented, "We knew we were effective and this independent research proves the fact that our Revenues and Benefits Team work hard to collect Council Tax for Mansfield District Council, Notts County Council, Notts Police and Notts Fire Service".

In 2007/08 the Council Tax to be collected was just under £40 million.

Ian Kirk, Revenues and Benefits Manager was keen to stress that the figure outstanding has reduced even further and the aim is to collect as near to 100% as possible with work continuing to achieve this.

The collection success is largely down to Mansfield's approach to customer choice in its range of Direct Debit payment options which include different payment dates, payment periods over 10,11 and 12 months and also weekly. This flexibility is important as some residents start to feel the pinch of the credit crunch and higher energy prices.

Anyone wanting to set up a Direct Debit should contact the hotline on 01623 463162, there are no forms to fill in and the details are set up in less than 3 minutes.

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