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Hunt is on for street light vandals

Police and Mansfield District Council Neighbourhood Wardens are hunting the mindless thugs who caused almost £1,000 worth of damage by firing an air gun at street lights in the Meden Vale area last week.

A total of 27 street lights were damaged in a spate of attacks in the Netherfield Lane area between 1st and 5th September.

Neighbourhood Wardens' vehicle

The lights cost the taxpayer around £35 each to repair, whilst broken street lights can also put pedestrians, drivers and animals in danger because of the lack of light and broken glass. Other crimes are also more likely to be committed in poorly lit areas.

Neighbourhood Wardens carried out a leaflet drop in the area yesterday (Monday 8th September) to appeal for information and have received an encouraging response from the public.

Anyone with information about who is responsible can call Crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or contact Mansfield District Council's Neighbourhood Wardens on 01623 460144.

Coun Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council said: "I'm sure the person or people that did this found it very funny at the time, but putting members of the public in danger and wasting taxpayers money on unnecessary repairs is no laughing matter.

"It's extremely concerning that someone is wandering the streets with an air gun and that they are prepared to use it so indiscriminately.

"Somebody knows who is doing this and I would urge them to do the right thing and come forward, anonymously if they wish. I would also urge parents in the Meden Vale area to be extra vigilant."

All the street lights reported as damaged have been repaired. To report faulty or broken street lights call Mansfield District Council on 01623 463736 or 463294.

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