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It's your Mansfield, you decide

Mansfield District Council is taking part in a national pilot scheme that gives its residents a greater say in the way money is spent in their community.

The process is called Participatory Budgeting and from this month meetings are being held in our Area Assembly areas, except for the Parish of Warsop, where separate arrangements are being made.

Members of the local community will vote on how money is spent in their area.

Area Assemblies (West, North, South and East) will hold two meetings (dates and times detailed below) open to the public. At the first of these, local priorities are decided upon, whilst at the second all residents are given a vote to decide how they would like the money (approximately £10,000 per area) is to be spent.

Any organisation can bid for a share of the money at the second meeting, as long as they have a constitution or terms of reference and a bank account.

All interested organisations should:

  1. send a representative to the first meeting
  2. submit a bid through the appropriate channels
  3. come to a second meeting to present the bid to members of the community who will then vote on it. Please note, you cannot vote for a project if you do not live in the local area.

Dates and times of Meetings

West Area Assembly

First meeting: Wednesday 10 September, Civic Centre at 6.30pm

Second meeting: Wednesday 12 November, Civic Centre at 6.30pm

South Area Assembly:

First meeting: Thursday 16 October, Civic Centre at 6.30pm

Second meeting: Thursday 11 December, Civic Centre at 6.30pm

East Area Assembly

First meeting: Thursday 30 October, Kingsway Hall, Forest Town at 7pm

Second meeting: Tuesday 9 December, Kingsway Hall, Forest Town at 7pm

Dates of meetings for the North Area Assembly will be published at a later date.

Councillor Phil Smith, Portfolio Holder for Corporate Issues at Mansfield District Council, commented: "I am proud that Mansfield District Council is taking part in this pilot scheme."

"This is a great opportunity for members of the local community to have a real say in how money is to be spent in their local area."

"I would encourage everyone who can to come along, take part in the process and make a difference to our local area."

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