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Mansfield 'crack house' closed

Police in Mansfield have successfully imposed a closure order on a 'drugs den' on Hibbert Road, Ravensdale today (Thursday 4 September 2008).

Months of evidence gathering by police, housing officers and council officials, led the female tenant to be served with an initial closure notice two days ago.

Nottinghamshire Police

A dossier of photos and accounts of Class A drug activity and anti-social behaviour at the semi-detached council house was then presented to magistrates earlier today.

A three-month closure order was granted, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, in the absence of the 30-year-old tenant, who failed to appear at court.

The property will now be sealed shut with sytex boarding until 3 December 2008. Anyone who trespasses on the site will face arrest.

The District Council is planning to permanently evicting the tenant as she has caused ongoing misery for other residents living on the Ravensdale estate.

Vehicles and people were approaching the property at all hours of the day and night and discarded syringes and other drug paraphernalia were commonplace near the property.

As well as complaints from local people, housing officers gathered proof of drug misuse during their property inspections and police officers and PCSO's did the same on their regular patrols.

Commenting on the closure order, PC Dave Miller-Eardley of Ravensdale's Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "This is a good result and one which I hope will bring a sense of relief to people living nearby, who have had to suffer the consequences of this unacceptable behaviour.

"People who permit their homes to be used for taking and selling drugs can expect similar action to be taken against them."

Mansfield District Council's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton, added: "This Order demonstrates that the community can make a real difference in the fight against anti-social behaviour and illegal drug use.  Mansfield District Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Nottinghamshire Police have by working together made a real difference to the daily lives of local people"

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