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Forest Town youth slapped with ASBO

Despite being given chance to change his ways, a youth from Forest Town has been given an Anti Social Behaviour Order by Magistrates.

Ryan James Lee Smith of Garibaldi Road, Forest Town was given the ASBO, sought by Mansfield District Council, by Mansfield Magistrates on 28 August 2008.

Ryan Smith (14) of Garibaldi Road, Forest Town was given an ASBO by Mansfield Magistrates on 28 August

Ryan (14) was part of a gang who used verbally abusive and threatening behaviour on several occasions to members of the public, the Police and Mansfield District Council's Neighbourhood Wardens despite him entering into an Acceptable Behaviour Contract with Mansfield District Council and the Police.

On one occasion Ryan took a bike belonging to a girl outside the D & D Shop on Armstrong Road, only returning it after harassing her. On the same day he was found throwing a ball against another bicycle outside the shop until it fell down.

On another occasion he was found drunk and cautioned for affray after taking part in an assault earlier the same evening. Ryan refused to co-operate with police enquiries.

The ASBO, which remains in place until 27 August 2010 prevents Ryan from:

In addition, Ryan's movement is restricted and he may only visit certain areas in Ladybrook when accompanied by a family member or a family friend.

Councillor Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council, commented:

"I welcome the granting of this Anti Social Behaviour Order."

"Despite being given chances by the District Council's Anti Social Behaviour team and the Police, and the co-operation of his parents, this individual continued to engage in behaviour that was intimidating and threatening to others."

"I think that this sends out a clear message to all that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated if they engage in it, they may find their freedom limited."

If you see Ryan breaching his ASBO, contact Mansfield Police on 01623 420999.

Breach of an ASBO is a criminal offence.

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