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Fly tipping man fined

On Wednesday 27 August 2008, Paul Spate aged 22 of Slant Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse was found guilty at Mansfield Magistrates Court to five offences of dumping waste in woodland near the Sherwood Forest Golf Club in Mansfield.

The charges were brought by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Paul Spate received a 12 month Community Order from the court requiring 150 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay costs of £350.

No fly tipping, CCTV in operation

For the Environment Agency, David Rees told the court that Eakring road on the east of Mansfield has become a notorious fly-tipping hotspot over the past few years. To combat this, the Environment Agency joined forces with Mansfield District Council and the Police in joint operation and installed covert cameras on the Eakring Road.

During July and August 2007, on five separate occasions, a pick up vehicle belonging to Mr Spate was observed entering and leaving the woodland. Each time the vehicle would enter the woodland with waste and leave having dumped it.

In an interview, Paul Spate admitted that he was linked to the vehicle, although he denied he had been illegally tipping waste. However, he agreed that he was of a similar description that an earlier witness had given.

Speaking after the case Environmental Crime Team Leader Peter Rutherford said: "This prosecution is the result of a long running operation targeting the fly-tippers who frequent Eakring Road in Mansfield. During 2007, fly-tipping cost Nottinghamshire residents nearly £1 million in clear-up costs and caused significant pollution to our local environment. Under Operation Maid Marian, we are working with all the local authorities within the county to tackle the problem and bring those responsible before the courts.

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