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Bring me sunshine!

Green fingered residents at a Sheltered Housing Complex in Mansfield Woodhouse hope a new community garden will bring some 'sunshine' back to their centre.

Members of the Priory ward Tenants and Residents Community Council (PTRCC) have transformed the formerly overgrown courtyard area at the Sherwood Court Complex themselves with new plants, flowers, trees and garden ornaments.

): Pictured at the opening of the Sunshine Garden at Sherwood Court are (front, left to right); Brian Cassidy, Mayor Tony Egginton, Support Worker Rose Brown, PTRCC vice-Chairman Ted Smith and Roy Buck

Named 'the Sunshine Garden', it was designed and created by PTRCC vice-Chairman Ted Smith with help from Support Worker Rose Brown and officially opened by Mansfield District Council's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton on Wednesday 6th August.

Funding towards the garden has been provided by the families of two former residents, Milly Rolands and Doreen Clay, who have both sadly passed away. Simmons Builders Merchants and residents of the complex have also donated items for the garden.

Mayor Egginton said: "The PTRCC was only formed fairly recently but they have been doing some great work in their local community and the Sunshine Garden is the latest project they have been involved in.

"Mansfield District Council's Housing Department has been supporting their activities but many of their achievements have been down to the hard work of group members. The team have put hours of hard graft into creating the garden and I am sure it will be appreciated by Sherwood Court residents for many years to come.

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