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Decent Homes, more than decent service!

Council tenants in the Newgate Lane, Racecourse and Carter Lane areas of Mansfield will benefit from a new phase of work as part of the Government's Decent Homes scheme to be carried out before early summer next year.

An example of work carried out under the Decent Homes programme.  Not every home receives a new kitchen but work is always carried out to his high standard.

Work has recently been carried out on the Ladybrook estate in Mansfield and so far, more than 2950 tenants in council owned properties across the district have benefited from the scheme, which is intended to ensure all council properties are warm, weatherproof and have reasonably modern facilities.

This typically involves work to replace or repair the kitchen, electrics and heating to properties that currently fall below the Government standard.

The work is carried out by Bullock Construction on behalf of Mansfield District Council.

The feedback received from residents who have already had work carried out in their homes has been extremely positive.

Liaison takes place with tenants in advance of the work being carried out and hours worked at each property are flexible depending on the tenant's circumstances.

Tenant Inspectors also visit a selection of properties after the work has been carried out to ensure that tenants are satisfied.

Comments received include:

Councillor Heather Henshaw, Portfolio Holder for Housing at Mansfield District Council comments: "Everyone, whether in Council or privately owned housing is entitled to live in a home that is warm, weatherproof and has reasonably modern facilities."

"I am proud of the work that has already been carried out across the district and I pleased that residents in the Newgate Lane, Racecourse and Carter Lane areas will benefit from the Decent Homes programme."

"I am delighted with the positive feedback we have received from tenants who have already had work carried out on their homes."

"Mansfield District Council is committed to delivering a excellent customer service and we are constantly liaising with tenants to ensure that the service we offer meets their needs."

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