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How green is your blue bin?

Did you know that your empty deodorant, air freshener, polish and other aerosol cans can now be recycled in your blue bin?

The new items have been added to the ever-growing list of recyclables after being given the 'green' light by Notts County Council and their contractor, Veolia.

Aerosols, yogurt pots and margarine tubs can now be recycled via your blue bin

Whilst Mansfield District Council provides rubbish and recycling collections from homes, it is the County Council and Veolia who are responsible for disposing of the waste.

Mansfield District Council is also reminding residents that yogurt pots and margarine tubs were also recently added to the items that can now be recycled via the blue bin.

Other items householders can put in their blue recycling bin include paper, cardboard, egg boxes, plastic bottles, tins and cans. Anyone unsure of what can and can't go into their blue bin can check with Mansfield District Council on 01623 463463.

Mansfield district residents are already recycling more than one-third of their rubbish and it is hoped that this figure can be boosted further with the new blue bin additions.

Mansfield's recycling rate has risen dramatically in the last five years from less than 5% in 2003 to 34.5% in 2007/08 and the district remains on course to comfortably reach its national target of 40% recycling by 2010.

Cartoon blue recycling bin

Coun Eddie Smith, Portfolio Holder for the Environment said: "I'm pleased that aerosols, margarine tubs and yogurt pots have now been added to the ever expanding list of items which residents can put in their blue bin. The more items residents can recycle, the better.

"The improvement in Mansfield's recycling rate over the last five years is testament to how well our residents have adapted to the twin bin system. Sorting our recyclable items is now very much second-nature for all of us."

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