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Cheerio Chimney!

A 42m high chimney that has been part of the Mansfield skyline for many years was erased in just three seconds on Sunday by leading UK contractor the Cuddy Group.

It took just 12 charges and 5.6kgs of explosives to bring down the towering brick edifice at the end of a 16-week project to demolish the former Mansfield Brewery, seven years after it ceased beer production.

The Mansfield Brewery Chimney makes a dramatic exit from the town's skyline

The 450 tonnes of rubble generated will be crushed and recycled on site by Cuddy's own plant and then used for backfill, paving the way for a new six-acre office, leisure and residential development on the site.

The £200,000 demolition scheme also included removal of asbestos and the use of long reach excavators and 30 and 50 tonne machines with shears, to tear down the main eight-storey structure of steel and brickwork.

But there were few feelings of nostalgia for the chimney. Councillor Kate Allsop, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration at Mansfield District Council said: "Cuddy has done an excellent job bringing the project in on time and to budget and I have to say I was pleased to see the chimney finally come down. It's been an eyesore for such a long time".

Mansfield District Council appointed the Cuddy Group to clear the privately-owned town centre site after the Council exercised its powers under the Building Act 1984, relating to dangerous structures.

Demolition work started on 21st April and Cuddy are on schedule to completely clear the site by the end of August.

The costs of the demolition work and previous improvements to security at the site have been funded by East Midlands Development Agency (emda). emda's costs will be reimbursed as part of any future sale of the site.

The Mansfield Brewery Chimney... going (1)

Administrators KPMG are currently in the process of gaining complete possession of the site after two former owners both went into receivership. Although some ownership issues still need to be resolved, KPMG have co-operated fully to facilitate the security and demolition works.

The Mansfield Brewery Chimney... going (2)

Meanwhile, Mansfield District Council has adopted interim planning guidance for the site which sets out the council's vision for its redevelopment. The guidance is a vital tool in guiding developers towards the type of development that would be acceptable on the site – in this case a combination of office, leisure, hotel and residential uses.

The Mansfield Brewery Chimney... gone!
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