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Mansfield welcome for inspirational Gill Hicks

Hundreds of local people turned out to welcome inspirational 7/7 London Bombings survivor Gill Hicks as her 'WalkTalk' marathon journey from Leeds to London arrived in Mansfield on Sunday, 27th July.

Gill Hicks and the WalkTalk Party arrive at the Stanhope Centre, Mansfield

Gill, who lost both her legs in the 2005 attacks on the capital, arrived at Pleasley Landmark Centre after leaving Chesterfield on Sunday morning, before walking through Mansfield Town Centre and on to a reception at the Stanhope Centre off Bridge Street.

The party was welcomed along the route and at Stanhope by members of local faith and community groups, local residents, councillors and Mansfield Mayor Tony Egginton.

Cathey Johnson of Sutton-in-Ashfield, whose husband Adrian was tragically killed by the bomb attack on the same tube train in which Gill was travelling, was also amongst the well-wishers walking alongside Gill into Mansfield.

After an overnight stay in Mansfield, the group set off on the next leg of their journey, to Nottingham, on Monday 28th July.

WalkTalk aims to bring communities together through offering the opportunity for people of all ages and from all walks of life – who might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet – to come together to walk, and most importantly, talk about all that we have in common.

The group set off from Leeds on Saturday 19th July with the aim of walking approximately 10 miles each day before arriving in London on 17th August.

Gill Hicks and the WalkTalk Party in Mansfield Town Centre

Mansfield's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton, commented: "I was deeply honoured that Mansfield was chosen to take part in the WALKTALK event and it was truly humbling to meet Gill Hicks and the WalkTalk party.

"The courage shown by Gill in making this journey in the name of peace and breaking down social barriers is an absolute inspiration.

"I was absolutely delighted to see so many local people turning out on a Sunday evening to make the WalkTalk group feel welcome and I am sure they will leave Mansfield will happy memories of the support they rightfully received."

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