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Five year ASBO for Mansfield shop thief

A persistent Mansfield shop thief is now subject to a five-year stand-alone anti-social behaviour order - the first such order to be secured by the Mansfield Safer Business Partnership.

Magistrates imposed the ASBO against Shirley Storer, 26, formerly of Gordon Avenue, after police presented a dossier of evidence highlighting her unacceptable behaviour.

Shirley Storer - the ASBO bans her from Mansfield Town Centre for the next five years

Much of the evidence was collated by the Mansfield Safer Business Partnership - a collaboration of the Police, Mansfield District Council and businesses - which co-ordinates anti-crime and disorder activities in Mansfield Town Centre.

The order, served on 9th July, 2008, will be enforced until 25th July 2013.

In the past five years Storer has been arrested around 15 times in connection with theft offences in Mansfield.

On several occasions in 2007, she became aggressive and abusive when challenged by shop staff, security guards or police officers.

Storer has also intimidated retail staff outside of work - being abusive to them at bus stops when they are going about their private business.

Under the order Storer is banned from engaging in any behaviour, which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person in Nottinghamshire.

She must also not incite or encourage any other person to behave in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person in Nottinghamshire.

For her to enter on or in any premises listed in the Mansfield Safer Business Partnership schedule is also prohibited.

Storer faces jail if found anywhere within the town centre boundary of Rosemary Street, St Peter's Way and Westfield Lane.

Police Anti-Social Behaviour Officer Bernard Hillman said: "The application was based on the overwhelming evidence against Storer - of the prolific shoplifting and her disorderly behaviour in and around the town centre.

"It's now hoped that the strict prohibitions of this order and the threat of prison will deter her from her continued criminal activity.

"This action should also have a positive impact on local businesses and visitors to the town and send out a strong message to would-be troublemakers."

Anyone who sees Storer breaking any of her ASBO's conditions should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 01623 420999 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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