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WALKTALK together

Sunday 27 July sees a special, yet poignant event visit the Mansfield District.

Zulfi Hussain, Gill Hicks, Mike Love and Joe Kerr of the core team prepare to set out on WALKTALK in Leeds

"WALKTALK" has been conceived by Gill Hicks, who lost both her legs in the 7/7 London Bombings in 2005 and her husband Joe Kerr, and has been developed with Zulfi Hussain of Global Promise and the team at Together for Peace, Leeds. WALKTALK has been devised to bring communities together through offering a month-long opportunity for people of all ages and from all walks of life – who might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet – to come together and walk, and most importantly, talk about all that we have in common.

WALKTALK will take place along the 200+ miles from Leeds to London and Mansfield has been chosen as one of the stop-off points along the way. Members of local faith and community groups have been involved in organising the Mansfield section of the journey and everyone is invited to talk part in some or the entire route in Mansfield.

Sunday 27th July 5.00pm (arrive 4.45pm to register) Pleasley Landmark Centre and walking along Chesterfield Road into Mansfield, finishing at the Stanhope Centre, BridgeStreetMethodistChurch at 6.30pm.

Gill's story is very moving; during her time in hospital it became very clear what she should do with her life. Taking inspiration that her race, colour, creed, ethnicity or any other factor was of no consequence to the people who "brought her back" from death on more than one occasion she realised she needed to make a significant difference – to dedicate her life to building peace.

The WALKTALK team are encouraging everyone to get involved by 'Sharing a Story' on the walk. Let them know if you are involved with or have noticed a project which is already bringing communities together, if you have formed a friendship with someone unexpected, or share a practical suggestion that could bring people together to make a positive difference.

Mansfield's Executive Mayor, Tony Egginton, commented: "I am deeply honoured that Mansfield has been chosen to take part in the WALKTALK event."

"The courage shown by Gill Hicks is inspirational and the dedication shown by her and her team in carrying out events such as this to break down social barriers is commendable."

"I would urge all members of our community to participate in the event, to give the core team a warm Mansfield welcome and to celebrate the good things in our district."

For more information or to register to walk please visit the WALKTALK Web site. In case of difficulty registering; please contact Sharon Allman, Equality Diversity and Research Officer at Mansfield District Council on 01623 463042.

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