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Real nappies

Many people are aware of the different disposable nappies that are available, as well as the traditional 'terry squares', but unfortunately most are not aware of the new cotton nappies that are widely available.

The new cotton nappies are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colourful designs, whilst being specially shaped for a snug fit with adjustable fastenings which do not require the use of pins.

They are made from a breathable outer wrap with a lined cotton pad, which allows a baby's skin to breathe, helping it to keep cool and they don't require ant special folding.

Disposable nappies can cost on average £1000 before your child is potty trained, compared to just £400 for cotton nappies.

Some parents use cotton nappies most of the time, but may use disposables for travelling or holidays. Even if you 'mix and match' like this, you can still save money and help the environment.

A disposable nappy takes around 500 years to rot in landfill.

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