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Council services praised by Government report

Data released by the Department of Communities and Local Government show a vast improvement in the services offered by Mansfield District Council.

99% of households in the district are now served by the kerbside recycling scheme and 33.25% of the total waste collected is recycled.

The latest Best Value Performance Indicators (2007/08) reveal that over the last four years (i.e. comparing the statistics from 2004/05 with those of 2007/08) the percentage of indicators in the top performance quartile has doubled from 12.5% to 25%.

The percentage of indicators in the top two quartiles has increased by 17% from 40% in 2004/05 to 57% in 2007/08.

Also during this period; the number of indicators in the bottom quartile has reduced by 7.5% to an all time low of 20%.

Particularly significant improvements have been made in the following services used by residents:

Councillor Phil Smith, Portfolio Holder for Corporate Issues at Mansfield District Council commented on the recent Best Performance Value Indicators: "These figures are excellent news for the residents of Mansfield District."

"These results clearly show the improvement in the number of indicators assessed and ranked highly and are a testimony to Mansfield District Council's efficiency in carrying out essential services."

"They are something of which both the District Council and residents of Mansfield District can be proud."

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