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Simple steps to prevent home burglaries

An open window or unlocked door could be the perfect opportunity for a would-be burglar. Now with lighter nights and summer approaching, Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police are reminding local residents to secure their homes to prevent 'sneak in' burglaries

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Every year homeowners leave themselves vulnerable to burglars who enter homes through unlocked doors or open windows. With spring just around the corner, the Police and Mansfield District Council are keen to ensure that local residents keep themselves and their properties safe.

Crime rates for house burglary are falling and are predicted to be down by 43% compared with 2004. However, the Police and the District Council are keen to ensure this decrease continues.

"We know that when the weather gets warmer people understandably want to leave their windows open and venture outside into the garden," said Mansfield District Council's Portfolio Holder for Public Protection Councillor Danny McCrossan. "But with would-be criminals looking for easy opportunities, we are urging local residents to take simple steps to avoid becoming the victim of a sneak in burglar.

"By keeping doors locked and windows closed, you can help stop a burglar getting into your home. Such simple steps really can make all the difference," he said.

Inspector Dave Shardlow, Local Area Commander for Mansfield South said: "We know there tends to be an increase in sneak-in burglaries during the summer and we want residents to start thinking now about how they secure their home.

"Wandering into the garden with the back door open is an open invitation for a criminal to enter your home, but it can so easily be prevented.  We want to make sure that the decreases in burglary rates achieved over the past few years continue, to make the district a safer place for all. But we need your help to make life harder for burglars".

Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield District Council are partners of the Mansfield Partnership Against Crime. The Partnership also includes Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Authority, Nottinghamshire Police Authority, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust.

Mansfield Partnership Against Crime has achieved a 43% reduction in the rate of domestic burglary, from 1341 incidents during 2003-4, to a projected figure of 768 by 31st March 2008.

Mansfield Partnership Against Crime has recognised domestic burglary as a continuing priority, and further target reductions will be set for 2008 onwards.

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