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50 fines but 500 thank you's in March against litter

More than 50 litter louts have been hit with £75 fixed penalty notices since 1st March as part of a high-profile council campaign in Mansfield Town Centre.

Operation March Against Litter has seen Mansfield District Council's Neighbourhood Wardens join forces with the two town-centre based Enviro Crime Officers to carry out litter enforcement patrols on three Saturday daytimes and selected evenings.

The operation has seen up to ten enforcement officers patrolling town centre streets at any one time, instead of the normal two.

And the campaign has confirmed that the vast majority of town centre visitors do show respect for their environment by binning their litter. As well as dishing out the £75 fixed penalty notices to anyone seen dropping litter, the wardens handed out over 500 'thank you' cards to people they saw disposing of their rubbish responsibly.

All proceeds from littering fines in the Mansfield district are put directly back into other environmental enforcement or education initiatives.

Coun Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council said: "The number of fixed penalties issued compared to the number of 'thank you' cards issued confirms that 90% of the public do respect their environment by binning their litter properly.

"However, there remains a hardcore minority who show no respect for our district or its residents by treating the area like a rubbish dump. It is these individuals who we will continue to target until the message finally get through. If you're caught dropping litter, there are no excuses."

In 2006/07 Mansfield District Council issued 187 fines for littering but the figure for 2007/08 is likely to be at least four times greater. Year end figures will be published in April.

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