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Mayor hails 'Good Samaritan'

A teenage 'Good Samaritan' has been honoured by Mansfield District Council's Executive Mayor after potentially saving the life of an 89 year-old woman.

Liam Straughton (18) of Fritchley Court found Helen Kerry wandering alone near to the Heath Centre on the Oak Tree Lane Estate on a freezing cold night last December.

Good Samaritan Liam Straughton receives his commendation from Executive Mayor Tony Egginton. Also present are Neighbourhood warden Dave M and Framework Housing Support Worker Kellee Gould

Concerned for her welfare, Liam asked Helen where she was from and if she needed help but she was clearly confused and distraught.

He helped her to the warmth and shelter of the nearby reception area at Fritchley Court – a supported housing centre for homeless and vulnerable young people. Mansfield District Council neighbourhood wardens were alerted.

It was later established that Ms Kerry lived at Roston Close, almost a mile and a half away from where Liam found her and had been away from her home for several hours in temperatures which plummeted to -2.

Liam, who is at college taking GCSEs and is hoping to go on and work in graphic design, was presented with a commendation for his actions by Mansfield Mayor Tony Egginton at a ceremony last week.

Mayor Egginton said: "The fact that Ms Kerry was out in the freezing cold for so long and on her own put her in a very vulnerable position. Undoubtedly, Liam's actions could well have saved her life.

"Many people – young or old – would have done the easy thing and turned a blind eye to her situation, but Liam showed great compassion by taking responsibility for her welfare.

"The negative things we hear said about youngsters and about areas like the Oak Tree Lane Estate means we often forget about young people like Liam, who is part of the decent majority."

Fritchley Court is run by Framework Housing Association. It offers supported housing for 16 to 25 year olds, who are homeless or vulnerably housed. The service is designed to assist the young people towards independent living.

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