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A warmer winter

Hundreds of homeless and needy people are keeping warm this winter thanks to a donation of blankets from Mansfield District Council.

Over 1200 blankets were given to five different charities, including Crisis, World Emergency Relief and local charity, the Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoys.

The final delivery of blankets goes to a local charity

The bundles were being stored in the Civic Centre in case of a large emergency but were not needed in over 20 years.

Locally, the blankets helped the Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoys, which have been taking supplies to needy areas all over the world for the last 15 years. They will be going in a convoy of five lorries headed for Albanian medical clinics, which are very deprived and in urgent need of supplies.

David Scott, who organises the convoys, said:

"We are very grateful for this donation. These clinics are desperate. They have two people per bed and very little bed linen so the blankets will be gratefully received." Anyone wishing to make a donation for the convoys can call David on 01623 470471.

In London the blankets were used for Crisis open Christmas, which offers beds and meals to over 2000 homeless people over the Christmas period. Guests can receive medical treatment, housing advice and drugs and alcohol counselling, as well as more day to day services such as hairdressing.

Councillor Phil Smith, Portfolio Holder for Corporate issues, said:

"These charities do such a good job, sometimes working with very little and making a big difference to people's lives. I am so pleased that we have been able to help, even in this relatively small way."

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