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UV been caught red handed!

In a bid to stop burglars getting away with Christmas presents in the New Year, Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire Police are giving away free Ultra Violet (UV) pens.

Customer Liaison Officer, Tina Thrall and Senior Neighbourhood Warden, Richard Townsley

The free pens have been funded by Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) and can be used to mark valuable items with a postcode or other memorable information. They are available from the Civic Centre and the Four Seasons shopping centre customer service desk.

The ink is invisible to the naked eye, but once held under a UV light, the inscription can be seen, making items easier to identify should they be stolen.

Councillor Danny McCrossan, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, said: "Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the festive season and use it as an opportunity to steal new and often expensive items.

"These pens will help people protect their own property and the increased prospects of being caught will hopefully make burglars think twice."

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