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Residents reject weekly bin collections

Residents in the Mansfield district have convincingly rejected a return to weekly household rubbish collections in a major survey of all households in the district.

Last November Mansfield District Council launched its Great Waste Debate, which sought locals' views on how the authority should carry out its refuse and recycling collections in the future.

Tony Egginton with his green bin

Overall, only a third of those who responded (34%) said that they would prefer a weekly general household waste (green bin) collection, with 62% opting against.

The current 'twin bin' system which sees recycling bins and general waste bins collected on alternate weeks was also endorsed by residents, with 83% saying that current arrangements were adequate for their needs.

However, the survey also revealed that the greater the number of people living in a property, the more likely they were to want a weekly general household waste collection. The majority of five, six and seven person households replying said that current arrangements were not adequate and wanted weekly collections.

Of those saying that they wanted weekly general waste (green bin) collections, 46% said that they would like them all year round, with 53% saying they just needed them in the summer.

Only 8% said that the weekly collections should be paid for through additional council tax, with 45% saying the council should do less of something else to fund them.

Almost all of those surveyed (99%) said that they made use of their recycling (blue) bin with nearly half (49%) saying that it is normally full when collected.

Many residents made comments and suggestions on how the current service could be improved, with a large number calling for a kerbside glass recycling service and others expressing confusion about what items can currently be recycled.

Nearly 1,300 people replied to the survey which was sent to all households in the district in the Council's 'My Mansfield' magazine last November. As well as the freepost survey, the 'Great Waste Debate' supplement included arguments for and against weekly general rubbish collections as well as other refuse and recycling information.

Mansfield District Council's Executive Mayor Tony Egginton, who instigated the Great Waste Debate, said:

"I'm really grateful to all those who took the time to complete the survey – it's clearly a subject that a lot of people have strong and diverse opinions about.

"I entered into the debate with an open mind about weekly rubbish collections – there are compelling arguments both for and against them. From the responses we have received though there is a clear groundswell of opinion against weekly collections in the Mansfield district. I have said from the outset that I would support the view put forward by the majority of residents.

"I also find it extremely encouraging that that there is a large majority who are happy with the current arrangements and that nearly all those who responded said that they were recycling, albeit different amounts."

Coun Eddie Smith, Portfolio Holder for the Environment added, "Every opinion counts to us. Every survey form and every comment will be studied so that we can find solutions for many of the issues raised – whether that is through better education about what can and can't be recycled currently or by making it easier to recycle more items."

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