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Great Waste Debate: Background information

More information on the issues behind the Great Waste Debate

1. Mansfield District Council provides refuse and recycling collections to approximately 47,000 homes.

Green bins

2. Refuse and recycling items are collected from residents in three wheelie bins:

3. In 2006/07, 27% of the Mansfield district's waste was either recycled or composted with the other 34,728.84 tonnes tipped at landfill sites.

4. Mansfield District Council began doorstep recycling collections in 2002 when its recycling rate was less than 3%.

5. Mansfield District Council has a target to recycle 40% of its waste by 2010.

6. The cost of introducing a weekly general household waste (green bin) collection in the Mansfield district was estimated at around £1million for an all-year round service and £300,000 for a 12-week summer collection.

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